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Led by the Minister of Métis Employment & Training (MET), John Fleury, and Associate Minister, Joan Ledoux, the MET team is driven by a compelling mission. Our goal is to fuse the traditional wisdom of the Red River Métis with the dynamism of the modern workforce, opening up a wealth of new opportunities for Red River Métis Citizens.

At MET, we are more than just another team: we are an energetic community of leaders with deep roots in the Red River Métis Nation, ready to help and guide you along your training and employment journey.

A Message from the Minister of Métis Employment & Training (MET)

My journey in public service began over two decades ago when I was elected a representative to the Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF) in the Southwest Region. Today, I serve as the Minister of Métis Employment & Training (MET), a role that I approach with a deep sense of responsibility, dedication, and commitment to Red River Métis Citizens.

The Métis Employment & Training (MET) Department is committed to empowering Red River Métis Citizens by providing a wide range of services, from career counselling, job search assistance and technology resources to financial aid for skills development training. Through collaborative efforts with our partners in government, private industry, non-profit and community organizations, as well as MMF departments and affiliates, we remain responsive to economic and labour market needs and create pathways for Red River Métis Citizens to sustainable employment.

Our commitment is to our Citizens. We believe that by providing opportunities for growth, education, and development, we're laying the groundwork for long-term progress and prosperity for Red River Métis Citizens, businesses, and communities. Whether you are a job seeker looking for employment support and training, an employer looking to hire qualified Red River Métis candidates, or an organization interested in partnering with us, we welcome you to the Métis Employment & Training (MET) Department. Together, we are building a stronger and more prosperous future for the Red River Métis Nation.


John Fleury, Minister of Métis Employment & Training (MET)

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