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Unleash Your Full Potential with MET

Are you seeking a new opportunity or a reinvention of your current career path? The Métis Employment & Training (MET) department stands ready to escort you over the threshold of a new chapter in your career journey.

With an armory of tools designed to empower your job search - from crafting knockout resumes and cover letters to fine-tuning your interview skills - we've got everything covered. But we don't just stop there. We also provide insight on job search techniques, crucial labour market information, academic program details, and connections to prime job training programs. It's your one-stop access point to move from where you are to where you want to be.

MET's Alliances Overview

At MET, we form alliances that stretch to private businesses, government bodies, education institutions, and non-profit organizations. These bonds serve as our bridge to top-tier employment channels, enriching our clients with unparalleled training and employment opportunities.

The MET Approach

We understand labor market demands and client needs. Hence, we've arranged our partnerships into focused programs - from Project-Based Training Initiatives to Targeted Wage Subsidies with Employer Partners, Summer Student Employment Partnerships, Job Creation Partnerships, and more, each program is exclusive to Red River Métis Citizens and timed to labour market demands.

MET's Client Services

Whether you're a graduate, a job seeker, or an experienced professional, MET provides tailored guidance, support, and necessary skills. We offer services like one-on-one support, funded training, job-readiness support, and guidance driven by traditional Red River Métis wisdom to help you conquer an ever-changing job market.

Exclusive MET Programs

Explore MET's exclusive programs designed for your empowerment and career success.

Project-Based Training Program

  • In our Project-Based Training Programs, we're not just training. We're shaping excellence. These projects revolve around specific industry needs and labour market demands, ensuring both current relevance and future readiness.

Job Opportunities Subsidy Program (JO)

  • The JO Program is designed with a clear mission to break barriers. Whether you're starting with a minimal educational or skill level base, or limited work history, we're here to guide your ascent. Connect with this dynamic program to augment your skills, increase work exposure, and enhance employability.

Summer Student Employment Program (SSEP)

  • The world of work can appear vast and daunting, but not for our summer students. Fit to cater to the needs of young adults aged 15-30, the SSEP is a program that provides essential work experience, skills development, and exposure to the labor market during those warm and inviting summer months.

Job Creation Partnerships Program (JCP) & Employment Support Fund Program (ESF)

  • Imagine a world where on-the-job training opportunities exist not just for your benefit but for your community's growth too. These programs are about meaningful work experience and providing crucial support for your employment journey - from tools and equipment to clothing and transport.

Labour Market Partnerships Program (LMP)

  • Become an architect of your community's future. With LMP, we encourage you to wear the hat of a developer. Partner with communities, stakeholders, non-profit organizations, employer groups and government departments to erect initiatives beneficial for community engagement, economic development, sustainability, and job creation.

Onsite Amenities

  • Expect a warm welcome at MET regional office with resources like tech essentials, guidance from our Métis Employment & Training Counsellors, a recruitment gateway for pre-screening, and training for various interview styles. Inside each MET regional office, job seekers can expect to be welcomed into a space ready to assist in pursuit of your next opportunity.

With a client resource area complete with tech essentials - computers, internet access, word processing software, and the traditional powerhouses of fax, printer and photocopier, our Employment & Training Counsellors will offer insight into your individual employment needs, helping you shape your career aspirations and make a plan of action.

Ready to Ignite Your Career?

Reach out to your local MET Regional Office or MET Recruitment directly in Winnipeg for a valuable consultation with our Métis Employment & Training Counsellors.

  • We welcome Red River Métis Citizens to apply for our programs through our user-friendly online client intake application form available here.

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