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At MET, we provide you with exclusive access to the best and most sought-after jobs in Canada. We comb through the employment market and find premier opportunities - placing your both feet in the door.

From internal vacancies at the Manitoba Métis Federation to training programs - we bring the best of the Red River Métis workforce opportunities right to your doorsteps, providing you with the necessary resources to find it. Our team is here to match you with the employer that fits your skills whether it's an Accounting Clerk, Early Childhood Educator, Business Analyst, or Skilled Tradesperson.

Join us and get ready for the next steps in your journey.

Browse through hundreds of career opportunities, connect with employers, and find your dream job with MET - because the only thing that stands between you and success is the courage to take that first step.

  • Join Our Team: Browse through our current internal vacancies at the Manitoba Métis Federation and apply to join a passionate team dedicated to empowering the Red River Métis Nation.
  • Training Program Recruitments: Stay updated about recruitment drives for our diverse training programs.
  • Events and Workshops: Join our upcoming events, training sessions, job fairs, and more and shape your career journey.
  • Access information on job boards, scholarships, bursaries, job-matching programs, and tips for tackling the job market.
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