Looking for vocational training to help you reach your career goals?

Look no further than a Registered Private Vocational Institution (PVI) in Manitoba!

The Métis Employment & Training (MET) Department is pleased to provide this comprehensive list of Registered Private Vocational Institutions (PVI) in Manitoba.

PVI offers training in a wide range of occupational fields, and their programs are taught in various ways, such as classroom instruction, practicums, distance education, or a combination of these methods. Our team ensures that all schools included on this list are registered with the Private Vocational Institutions Branch, and we encourage all potential students to use this list to find the right education and training for their career goals.

PVI students can expect:

  • Flexible learning schedules
  • Small class sizes for personalized attention
  • Compressed programs for shorter training times

Registered Private Vocational Institutions in Manitoba:

Please note: this list of Registered Private Vocational Institutions (PVI) in Manitoba is provided for informational purposes only and should not be taken as an endorsement or support of all programs or institutions by the Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF) or Métis Employment & Training (MET) Department. It is always important to research and consider all options before enrolling in any program or institution.

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