The Métis Trailblazer

Red River Métis Success Stories

From completing higher education programs to achieving career success, in fields ranging from healthcare to commerce, aviation to trades, the Red River Métis have proven themselves to be trailblazers in every sense of the word.

In this section, we proudly showcase the inspiring journeys and accomplishments of Red River Métis beneficiaries who have overcome challenges and barriers to reach their goals.

These success stories demonstrate the endless potential of the Red River Métis and the power of determination, hard work, and support from the Manitoba Métis Federation through the Métis Employment & Training (MET) Department.

At MET, our goal is to support Red River Métis Citizens in pursuing their dreams and achieving success in their chosen career paths.

Through improving access to education and training programs, as well as financial assistance and career counselling, we have the honour of helping further the incredible growth and achievements of countless Red River Métis Citizens.

We hope that by sharing these success stories, we can inspire and encourage other Red River Métis individuals to pursue their passions and reach their full potential. The possibilities are endless, and we are honoured to be a part of the journey to success for the Red River Métis Nation.

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    Red River Métis Graduate Eager to Start Teaching

    Red River Métis bowler Brittney Rocan may have just graduated from college and university, but the Red River Métis student is already counting the days until she starts her new career in the fall.

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    Pupil Pursuing Physics Passion

    Cole Coughlin

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    Lifelong Friends Launch Nursing Careers in Ashern

    Growing up in St. Laurent, Man., Kaylee Smith and Taylor Buors went to an Interlake high school together and are proud Red River Métis Citizens. Now, there are Registered Nurses at Ashern Hospital with the help of the MMF-MET.

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    Boosting Business & Bolstering Community

    St. Malo Meats Succeeds with Métis Employment & Training (MET)

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    Shaping the Future of Construction

    Heavy Equipment Operator (HEO) Training Program Sets Red River Métis Students up for Success

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