Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the Summer Student Employment Program (SSEP)?

A: This is a program designed to prepare Red River Métis students for the labor market. It creates exposure to the world of work, quality work experience opportunities, and a chance for participants to develop their skills while earning a competitive wage.

Q2: Who are eligible for the SSEP?

A: Red River Métis students over the age of 14, who are full-time students in the current academic year and plan to return as full-time students in the upcoming academic year are eligible. Students under 15 years of age must provide a valid Young Workers Readiness Certificate.

Q3: What does the Young Workers Readiness Certificate Course (YWRCC) entail and how can I complete it?

A: The YWRCC is designed to teach young workers their rights and responsibilities related to health, safety, and employment standards in the workplace. Students 15 years of age or under must complete this course to be eligible for SSEP. For more information about the Young Workers Readiness Certificate Course (YWRCC), click here

Q4: When does the employment through SSEP occur?

A: Employment through SSEP occurs during the summer months, from April to August.

Q5: What kind of job opportunities are available through the SSEP?

A: The SSEP provides a diverse range of summer job opportunities through its partnership with many employers. The specific jobs offered vary each year, but all of them provide Red River Métis students the chance to earn money and gain real-world work experience.

Q6: How can I apply for the SSEP?

A: You can apply by contacting and submitting your resume.

You are also encouraged to fill out the pre-intake form on our website for fast processing.

Should you need help with creating or updating your resume, our MET staff are ready and available to assist you.

Q7: How much will I earn during the SSEP?

A: The pay varies depending on your education level. For 2024, high school students will earn $15.30 per hour, high school graduates will earn $16.30 per hour, and post secondary students will earn $17.30 per hour for the hours you have worked.

Q8: What if I don't have my MMF Citizenship yet?

A: If it is your first time participating in the program it is okay if you do not yet have your citizenship number. For your first year of participation, we accept proof of Red River Metis citizenship through parents or close family members. We also accept a letter from the MMF's Central Registry Office confirming that you have applied for your citizenship and your application is in process. Our staff will also connect you with the MMF's Central Registry Office to start the Citizenship application process.

Q9: Who can I contact if I have more questions about SSEP?

A: You can direct your inquiries to the MET office in your area or send an email to

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